!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> Members of The Manitoba Percheron & Belgian Heavy Horse Club

Annual Meeting

Jan 14, 2017 2:15 at The Main Street Cafe in Minnedosa.
Supper and bowling to follow.
RSP by Jan. 7

Provincial Percheron Show

Dauphin Fair
Dauphin, Manitoba
June 30, July 1, 2, 2016

Provincial Belgian Show

In conjunction with
Birtle Agricultural Fair
Birtle, MB
August 4 & 5, 2016

Manitoba Pennwoods
Draft Horse Futurity

Will be hosted by the Dufferin Ag Society in Carman with a date to be announced in the near future

Nomination must be posted by the deadline of December 31, 2015

Memberships now due:
$40 per person.

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Manitoba Percheron & Belgian Club Executive

President: Mark Bourns
Vice President:
Breanne Bourns
Theresa Early


Jim Lane
Rodney Ashcroft
Kent Anderson
Laura Bourns
Garry Van De Kerckhove

Futurity Committee

Chair: Donna Swanston
Nic Gee
Tom Lane
Grant Gee
Bryan McLean

Youth Program

Breanne Bourns
Lindsay Midwid

Charleswood Percherons

Kent & Marnie Anderson & family
RR 2, Pilot Mound, MB R0G 1P0
Phone: 204-825-2967
Fax: 204-825-2970
Email: charleswood@goinet.ca
Website: www.charleswoodpercherons.com

Ashcroft Acres

Rodney & Georgette Ashcroft
Box 426, Birtle, MB R0M 0C0
Phone: 204-842-3789
Fax: 204-842-3414 Email: rgashcroft@hotmail.com

Bar RB Belgians

Robert Berry
Box 308, Birtle, MB R0M 0C0
Phone: 204-842-3607
Fax: 204-842-3723
Email: barrb@inetlink.ca
Website: www.barrbbelgians.com/

Bourns Percherons

Dean, Laura & Levi Bourns
27 Elderwood Dr, Brandon, MB R7A 2J3
Phone: 204-725-2120
Email: lbourns@mymts.net

Pine Lane Farms

Mark & Lorette Bourns
Box 472 Cartwright, MB R0K 0L0
Phone: 204-529-2279

Breanne Bourns

10 Grimston Rd.
Winnipeg, MB R3T 3T3
Email: breannebourns@hotmail.com

Caitlyn Bourns and Marc Minnie

Box 204 Alexander, MB R0K 0A0

Chelsea Bourns

Hamiota, MB R0M 0T0
Email: cbourns@mymts.net

Jim Bourns

Brandon, MB
Email: jbourns@gmail.com

K & J Bridgeman

Kevin Bridgeman
Box 356, Binscarth, MB R0J 0G0
Phone: 204-847-2112
Fax: 204-847-2004
Email: kjbridgeman@inetlink.ca
Website: www.kjbridgeman.com

Ju-Ly Percherons

Lyle & Kathy Brown
Box 856, Lenore, MB R0M 1E0
Phone: 204-838-2042
Fax: 204-838-2334
Email: brownspercherons@rfnow.com
Website: www.brownspercherons.com

Lone Spruce Farm

David & Tina Collier & family
Box 254, Birtle, MB ROM OCO
Phone: 204-842-3856
Email: tinacoll@inetlink.ca

Meadowlark Percherons

Keith & Shelly Conrad & family
St. Alphonse, MB R0K 1Z0
Phone: 204-836-2380
Email: ksconard@hotmail.ca

Little Coullee Ranch

Gilles Cormier
Box 145 La Sallle, MB R0G 1B0
Phone: 204-736-2807

Damsgaard Farms

Brian & Wendy Damsgaard
RR4 Com 61
Dauphin, MB R7N 2T7 Phone: 204-638-5441
Email: brian@damsgaardbelgians.coma

Darren Damsgaard

Phone: 204-648-4718
Email: darren@damsgaardbelgians.coma

Edelweiss Percherons Inc.

Rod & Lana Delaquis & family
Box 341, Notre-Dame-De-Lourdes, MB R0G 1M0
Phone: 204-248-2381
Fax: 204-248-2751
Email: rodlana@goinet.ca
Website: www.edelweisspercherons.com

Rocky Bar Ranch

Nick DenBrok
Box 1178, Esterhazy, SK S0A OXO
Phone: 306-745-3851
Fax: 306-745-3851
Email: tdenbrok@yahoo.com
Website: www.rockybarranch.com

TnT Harness & Tack

Terry & Theresa Early and family
Box 327, Holland, MB R0G 0X0
Phone: 204-526-2263
Email: theresa@tntharness.com
Website: www.tntharness.com

Lyle Farquher

Box 124 Birtle, MB R0M 0L0
Phone: 204-842-3952
Fax: 204-773-6905
Email: lylefarquhar@hotmail.com

Gardiner's Belgians

Rob Gardiner
Box 1325, Virden, MB R0M 2C0
Phone: 204-748-1491
Email: krgardiner@hotmail.com

Golden Sands Belgians

Don & Marg Gee
Box 756, Virden, MB R0M 2C0
Phone: 204-748-1731

Roselea Equine Ranch Ltd.

Grant & Kim Gee & family
Box 995, Virden, MB R0M 2C0
Phone: 204-748-3974
Fax: 204-748-3974
Email: morskyroseleabelgians@gmail.com
Website: www.morskyroselea.com

Image Acres

Brenda Hunter
Box 518, Hamiota, MB, R0M 0T0
Phone: 204-764-3789
Fax: 204-764-3790
Email: bhunterphoto@gmail.com
Website: www.bhunterphoto.smugmug.com

Elkview Percherons

Gordon & Dawn Joseph and family
Box 332, Elkhorn, MB, R0M 0N0
Phone: 204-845-2320
Fax: 204-845-2618
Email: elkview@mts.net
Website: www.elkviewpercherons.com

Elkview Percherons

Ross & Leona Joseph and family
Box 187, Elkhorn, MB, R0M 0N0
Phone: 204-845-2606
Fax: 204-845-2618
Email: elkview@mts.net
Website: www.elkviewpercherons.com

Lone Oak Percherons

Jim & Darlene Lane
Box 146, Birtle, MB R0M 0C0
Phone: 204-842-3658
Fax: 204-842-3986
Email: loneoak@inetlink.ca
Website: www.loneoakpercherons.com

Creek Side Belgians

Tom Lane
Box 384, Birtle, MB R0M 0C0
Phone: 204-842-3732
Fax: 204-842-3946
Email: creekside@goinet.ca
Website: www.creeksidebelgians.com

Boulder Bluff Clydesdales

Charity Martin
Box 388, Strathclair, MB R0J 2C0
Phone: 204-365-6133
Email: charity_m93@hotmail.com

Bill McKnight

Box 50, Oak Point, MB R0C 2J0
Phone: 204-365-6133

Bryan Mclean

Box 85, Graysville, MB R0G 0T0
Phone: 204-880-3487
Email: bmcl80@hotmail.com

Lindsey Medwid

Box 15, Marquette, MB R0H 0V0
Phone: 204-880-3487
Email: medwid@hotmail.com

Black Jack Percherons

Jackie Morin & family
Box 337, Crystal City, MB R0K 0N0
Phone: 204-873-2217
Email: jhmblackjack@live.com

MM Ranch

Curt & Kathy Paton & family
Box 686 Carnduff, SK S0C 0S0
Phone: 306-482-3990
Email: ccpaton@sasktel.net
Website: www.mmranch.ca

Pitt's Top Belgians

Bill, & Rosemary Pitt
Box 203, Baldur, MB R0K 0B0
Phone: 204-535-2533
Fax: 204-535-2533

Rutherford Farms

Janice Rutherford
Box 117, Grosse Isle, MB R0C 1G0
Phone: 204-467-5612
Fax: 204-467-9394
Email: janicerutherford@mymts.net

Silver Oak Percherons

Darcy & Sherri Strain & family
Box 316 Virden, MB R0M 2G0
Phone: 204-748-2998
Email: silveroakstrain@gmail.ca
Website: www.silveroakpercherons.com

Silver Oak Percherons

Ivan & Gail Strain
Box 1299, Boissevain, MB R0K 0E0
Phone: 204-534-7227
Fax: 204-534-6825
Email: igstrain@mts.net
Website: www.silveroakpercherons.com

Silver Hills Percherons

Spud & Sharon Strain and family
Box 364 Boissevain, MB, R0K 0E0
Phone: 204-534-7227
Email: slvrhls@mts.net
Website: www.silveroakpercherons.com

Highwood Farms

Donna Swanston
Box 1167, Virden, MB R0M 2C0
Phone: 204-748-2297
Fax: 204-748-6543
Email: highwoodfarms@rfnow.com

Hargrove Stock Farm

Bob & Shirley Thomson
Box 927, Virden, MB R0M 2C0
Phone: 204-748-1109

Hilltop Farm

Garry Van De Kerckhove
Box 59, Swan Lake, MB, R0G 2S0
Phone: 204-836-2323
Fax: 204-723-2497
Email: garryvdk@gmail.com

Kenaud Percherons

Audrey Wilson
Box 53 Pilot Mound, MB R0G 1P0
Phone: 204-825-2109
Fax: 204-825-2914